Key features

A wide range
of functionalities

Straightforward Model Creation

Direct import of detailed pipeline and power line routings using geographical coordinates . No separation of the routing in 'near parallel zones' is needed.

Flexible & High Quality Model Refinement

Pipeline specifications (diame­ter, wall thickness, coating resistance,…) as well as soil resistivity can be defined per section; power line characteristics (phase configuration and shield wires, pole resistance-to-earth, …) can vary along routing.

Quick and robust solver with automated fault simulation

Elsyca IRIS simulates normal load and fault conditions and calculates LEF, EMF, induced voltages/currents, touch and step potentials, ground potential rise and AC current densities. Also, all towers of a given power line are automatically faulted one by one while other power lines operate at a user selected load.

Practical Post-Processing

Elsyca IRIS supports fully automated export of the complete project (pipelines, power lines, anodes, connections,...) for easy integration with cartography systems, as well as output to Google Earth and SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) enabling printing on A0 to A4, zooming, creation of PDF, ...

Unlimited Model Complexity

There's no limitation on the number of pipelines, power lines, or mitigation systems.

Easy What-if Analysis & Mitigation Design

Convenient what-if studies and effective mitigation with wide range of measures such as resistive and direct bonds between pipelines, insulation joints, discrete grounds, distributed anode grounds, parallel mitigation wire, gradient control mats, decoupler devices,...



The software is a pleasure to use. We can honestly say this, as it is used by our in-house consultants and a loyal customer base and continuously improved based on user experience.


Elsyca continuously invests in research and innovation. We are experts in our field and so is our software. Therefore it can count on an enthusiastic and loyal customer base.


Elsyca IRIS gives you a very good insight in the interference situation and the mitigation process. Its illustrative qualities (graphical charts, visualization with Google Earth, ...) make this a great tool.


With Elsyca IRIS you create effective mitigation designs that have been validated in numerous studies. Unlike with other software, you will find the results to truly correspond with reality.

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Special Feature in the spotlight:

Automatic Fault Simulation

When studying a fault situation by computer modeling, a one or three phase-to-ground fault of a selected circuit at a selected tower of the power line is created and the induced voltage profiles are calculated. As there are of course many towers, it is important to repeat this process for each individual tower in order to determine the worst case situation. With the automatic fault simulation feature, the one or three phase-to-ground circuit faults are sequentially simulated for each individual tower while the remaining circuits are maintained at a user-defined steady-state operational condition. As a result, the induced voltage profiles are overlaid for all faulted towers and the worst case situation is easily determined. Needless to say that this automated full fault study saves huge amounts of time and frees the engineer from time-consuming and error-prone interactions with the software.

Use Case: Andy Jensen - Executive Director, Oil & Gas Structural Integrity Associates, Inc.

"(...) enabled us to better serve our pipeline clients"

"Structural Integrity’s Mission is to provide the highest level of fully-integrated solutions through consulting and hands-on assessment support. Asset and Integrity Management principles rely on accurate assessments, data, and analysis to secure the safety of the public and reliability of infrastructure. Elsyca has been a tremendous partner to us.

Their advanced technical capabilities and software combined with their responsiveness have enabled us to better serve our pipeline clients in identifying and mitigate the threat of AC induced corrosion"

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